Every sweepstake and contest have sweepstakes entry rules that govern them, as a first-timer, possibly you are not familiar with some of these rules and what they mean.

Therefore in this post, I will be discussing with you the common sweepstakes entry rules and their meanings.

Sweepstakes entry rules

What is The sweepstakes Entry Rules?

When you first heard about the entry restrictions rule, it may sound awkward right? Well, sweepstake entry restrictions rules are rules that govern how often you can enter a sweepstake.

So let’s take a look at common entry rules and their meanings.

Common Sweepstakes Entry Rules And their Meanings

Here are 6 Popular sweepstake entry rules and their meanings.

1. One Entry Per Person

In some sweepstakes rules, they do mention that only one entry is permitted per person (or one entry per person per day, or weekly, etc.). What does this mean? This means that the entrant can only enter the sweep once in a given period

Whether you tried changing your email address, residential address, or maiden name so that you can gain a new entrance you can only be allowed to once. These restrictions don’t have any effect on any of your household members like Spouse, Children, or even roommates.

2. One Entry Per Email

The sweepstake rule of one entry per email simply means that you can enter once for each email address you own. For example,e you have fifty (50) email addresses, you can enter only 50 times.

Remember you need to check all your emails one after the other to know if any of your entries qualified for the win.

3. One Entry Per Person/Email 

What does one entry per person or email mean? This simply means that you are allowed to enter once with your email and no family member can reuse your email to gain entrance again.

At times this rule is listed separately but bear in mind that the mean the same thing.

4. One Entry Per Household

What this particular designation means is that only one person living in a giving address is allowed to participate in the n sweepstake. It doesn’t matter if the person is the spouse, child, or even roommate.

Once the residential address has been used to enter a sweepstake, it can’t be reused again.

5. One Entry Per Computer

One entry per computer rule means that one person is allowed to enter the sweepstake with one computer. If you are sharing your computer with your colleagues in the office or your household members, only one person is allowed to enter the sweep with the computer.

6. One Entry Per IP Address

This means that only one person is allowed to enter a sweepstake from a given IP address. stands for Internet Protocol, it identifies a device on the Internet or a local network. It allows a system to be recognized by other systems connected via the Internet protocol. For more information read up about IP Address here.

For example, you are connected to a public Wi-Fi to gain internet access maybe in school Wi-Fi or Bank Wi-Fi, only one user is allowed to enter a sweepstake because all the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi will have the same IP address.

What happens if you break any of these rules?

Well, we never can tell what your punishment will look like but it’s either you are disqualified entirely from participating or your first entrance is considered while the rest will be discarded.

Common sweepstakes entry rules


In conclusion, always take a deep look at the sweepstake rules and make sure you observe the entry rules to avoid being disqualified.